Our Firm


Our firm was founded in November of 2008 by Tom Dosch. After a twenty seven year career with two of the biggest firms on Wall Street, Tom became convinced that he could develop a better  environment  for his clients. Tom's vision was to merge the positive attributes of Wall Street firms, the extensive knowledge and experience he gained while working with these firms, and an independent environment focused solely on the needs of the client in seeking to create the best possible financial advisory experience for individuals and businesses. It needed to be completely client centered, and strive to offer an improved and more personalized customer service experience, and have  the technology, research, and portfolio management capabilities his clients had grown accustomed to over the years.

Tom specializes and most enjoys working with the portfolio management section of a client's financial plan. His focus is on managing risk for client's portfolios with the primary goal of providing desired risk adjusted returns through asset allocation and alternative investment strategies. He loves financial and economic data and forms his outlook for portfolios after analyzing a variety of other's viewponts, opinions, and forecasts.